Friday, September 22, 2006

Almost quitting time..

oh yeah! :D I am looking forward to a restful weekend. I am feeling pretty lousy lately. I think stress has gotten the best of me and I might be coming down with a cold. Blech. I will be resting this weekend but also have a few plans too.

Saturday- go through *gift closet* and make my Christmas list for family/friends, make a few Halloween cards, address Christmas cards (yes I am, mop, laundry, tidy up

Sunday- my nephew's birthday party at 1pm, finishing up Amber's Navajo indian model

So that is my weekend. Lynn has been working alot of overtime to help us get caught up with bills and also start on Christmas shopping soon. I just have to get a start on it then I will feel better.

So here's to hoping you all have a great nice weekend. Enjoy the first day of fall tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lynn and I had a great anniversary over the weekend. Our anniversary was September 9th. We celebrated out with some friends, and went to a concert on Friday night. Got home way too early or 3am.

Saturday: We went to the movies and saw "The Covenant" and loved it, also checked out this new Halloween store they opened up and we will definitely be back there soon, went to Michael's and spent $60! Easy money. I love their $1 bins, and I got quite a few things for .50 too. We ate at AppleBees for lunch, I had the fried chicken salad, yummy. Saturday night we had steak and taters. Lynn did a great job with the filets, he makes the best steaks. He even wrapped our filets with bacon this time. So good!

Sunday: Felt kind of off but did some housework, and watched movies. Picked up Amber from Nanny's. She was there ALL weekend, I missed her. But she had her cousins over there to play with. She never gets to see them anymore ::long story::

Monday: Took Amber to the doctor, she has strep throat. My poor baby. :*( So I couldn't go back to work since Lynn was at work that day. So we slept most of the day. I still felt pretty off too.

Tuesday morning around 1am, got up throwing up and with diarrhea. Didn't sleep all night. Called into work. Slept all day once I stopped heaving. Ugh. I hate being sick. :( I was pitiful, Lynn took off work. He helped me with trying to keep me hydrated. I drank so much Ginger Ale, ate crackers and finally ate some chicken noodle soup. And I think it was the best soup I have ever had.

Now I am at work updating my blog and about to tackle the thousands of charts I have accumulated here in my office. Ack. And it is rainy too so it feels like a sleepy day. I hope you all have a great Hump Day!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

What's for supper?

Okay I am calling all my blogger buddies out there to help me out. What is your next week's menu? Suggest a good recipe to me, what are some of your favorite things to make for your family. I buy for two weeks at a time for my family and I want something different to cook. Cheap and good. :) Leave a comment or two. And send me some recipes my way. Thanks so much!

Almost the weekend

Oh how I love the weekends :) That is what I seem to live for. This weekend is especially special for me and Lynn. It is our wedding anniversary on Saturday!! We have been married 11 years! I cherish each and every one with my honey. He is such a wonderful husband. We are hoping to go to the Bodies: The Exhibition on Saturday. I am such a geek like that. ;) It will be surely amazing I am sure. I love learning more about the human body.

Tomorrow Lynn will be taking Amber to the doctor, she has been having small bowel issues and also still having headaches and above all she is getting a cold. Poor baby. :( And Lynn is really sick too. My allergies are just acting up real bad so I am hoping I don't get the yuck too.

I am SO ready for Fall! I put out my Fall wreath I made a last year with orange, red and yellow leaves and sunflowers. I *love* sunflowers. I will buy some mums soon to put out on my front porch and maybe do something around my mailbox. I bought some yummy pumpkin spice candles at Michael's this weekend. Maybe I will have a little extra money and hit up the $1 bins again. I found some neat stuff but didn't have alot of cash on me, but some things were .25 and .50 too. I also want to start a layaway for u-know-who this weekend so I will be ready for Christmas. I have the wishlist and I am ready to shop. LOL.

So that is what has been going on, just busy with life and work.