Thursday, December 14, 2006

I am still here..

Happy Holidays everyone!

I know I have been mia for almost a month now but it has been a hard road to take but guess what I am A-OK. I am completely over my ass of a husband and can't wait for the divorce to be final. I had found out some awful things about him. He is living with a woman he works with and has been basically dating her for a while now. That makes me sick to my stomach still not because of the love I had for him but wondering how any one could do that and still sleep with his wife. It really messes with me a bit. But enough of that. Amber and I are all moved into our new home and LOVE it. We are so happy here. I have been very busy with Christmas shopping, enjoying Amber, decorating and spending time with my friend Jessica. We hang out every other weekend when Amber is with her Dad. Fun times. It is nice to have a friend to do things with. My whole mind set has changed and my life has changed and guess what. It is for the better. I am happy once again. Feel so good. I have lost 30 lbs and still losing. Eating healthy and walking. My life is looking pretty good right now despite the recent turmoil. I am looking at it now that we weren't meant to be and the only good thing that came from our marriage was Amber. SHE is my life. And my life is going on and hers is too. So that is my update for now. Maybe I will have more good news to share soon. ;) I wish you all the best for a safe and happy Holiday!

Much love, A & A