Thursday, July 20, 2006

Freaking out!

Well not too bad but still I am po'd. LOL. Amber got her uniforms in the mail today. And I asked her to try them on (since I am at work). She says Mom the shirts fit but um the pants/skort are W-A-Y too big for me. I am like what the??!! These things took over a week to be mailed to me and here it is almost time for school. They start a week from tomorrow. I am just a bit frustrated. Yes I can return them and exchange them but now I have to find some pants for her. Obviously my Grandma didn't measure her right in the waist. So here I am back at square one. Wish me strength in searching for some uniforms. I think I may take her to Target this weekend and hope it isn't too crowded there. It is just hard to find uniforms this time of the year. And especially for Amber.

I can't believe how fast this weekend has flown by. It is good but then again I still have bunches to do at work. But I don't sweat it too bad. Just living for the weekend. :) I think I may get in the pool this afternoon after work. It is so hot here in the south. I am sure it will climb over a 100 today. Too hot for me.

Have a good one!


Terri said...

oh man.... I'm so glad I don't have the worry of uniforms. I *do* have to worry about Tripp pants and black tee-shirts though. Hmmmm.. maybe uniforms wouldn't be a bad thing now that I think about school shooping for my child who wants to be goth! lol Is there a chance she'll grow into the pants and maybe a few tucks here and there would make them keepers?

Lu said...

you will find what you are looking for. don't worry. And, I admit I am glad to be done with uniforms. Sometimes they are more of a problem than a help.