Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What a crazy start of a week!

Monday morning my blog seemed to hyjacked or something. So I had to fix that, funny it got fixed when I changed my password and did the small testing post. Around 2 pm my Mom called me at work and said she fell at work. I freaked out and said wahh?! I was mad because she didn't call me this morning to come and get her from the ER. She called to ask me to get her pain medicine filled. So I got off work at 3pm. Well Lynn calls and tells me I need to meet Clearey(pest control) at the house. Ugh. So I had to call Mom back and tell her I would be there as soon as I was done with this. I get to Mom's finally at 4:30pm. We talk a while and then it starts pouring. So I am basically stuck over for there for an hour more. Got her meds, brought them to her. Off to Walmart to meet Lynn, put in his prescription and wait 15 mins. I go and see if it is ready and no I wait 30 minutes more..ack! So by the time I pick up Amber from my inlaws it is now 7pm and they are fussing because they were hungry. I picked up bbq on the way home btw. So I am extremely tired and run down today still. I went to bed last night as soon as I ate. So I was in bed at 8pm and up at 5am. Hopefully tonight will be a better evening as I have alot of laundry to do..eww.

This week I have to register Amber for school too, and she has open house on Thurs and then school starts Friday. Wish me luck. And all the while I am pmsing, really bad. My periods are all screwy still and they make me very hormonal. Just wished I would have a period each month and on time. I am now without a period for over a month and a half but I have the pms symptons for over a month now. Not fun. :( Plus it aggravates Lynn. Wish me luck in not killing him. LOL.

So just say a prayer for my crazy self. I need it. And lots of hugs too :0)

Have a good Tuesday everyone!


foodiechickie said...

Wow what a busy day you had. Atleast you'll be in one spot doing laundry. Feel better and good luck to your hubby. LOL.

Laura said...

BBQ sounds so good, whatever that involves! Yum. I hope the rest of your week is quiet in comparison. And that you're feeling better very soon.

Terri said...

I can usually count on at least one day a week like that. I'm slooooowly getting used to them and when they pop up I kinda go with the flow now, but I know that kind of tired you felt.. drained, not like you've been out walking the mall for hours kind of tired. It's a thinking tired. Where the brain feels drained and nothing sounds or feels relaxing.