Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wow where does the time go?

I have been *super* busy with Amber's 10th birthday party (last weekend), getting stuff ready for a yard sale for next weekend and in between working and cleaning. Amber had a pretty good birthday last weekend, she got quite a bit of money, clothes and girly stuff (lipstick,bath stuff etc). We decided on taking her and her three friends to the mall to shop in the Build-a-Bear workshop. Amber hasn't been in a long time and that is what she wanted to do with her friends. They each stuffed a bear (1 got a doggie) and two of them had enough money for clothes. And Amber spent just about ALL her birthday money in this store. I couldn't believe it. But she was happy and the girls were too. They spent the night and stayed up late, the usual girl sleepover stuff. They did end up put shaving cream on one of the girl's face. That was hilarious, I wished they would of woke me up for that (would love a pic). LOL.

I have been having a rough time for the past week, Lynn has had Amber since last Monday and yes he did get to have her on her *real* birthday (the 16th) but I sucked it up since it was his weekend to have her. Plus today is Father's Day too. I will get her back in the morning, so I am taking the day off to be with her. :) We may end up going to the library, maybe getting some ice cream or something, just Mom and daughter time. I enjoy that.

Things with Jeff are going wonderful! He is working alot so I miss him too :(. He really is a great guy. Pss I am trying to get him to start blogging ;). I know I have been bad in not blogging but I have been reading everyone's blog and *trying* to comment. I miss you guys, you are all such good friends to me. I hope to develop my 10 disposable cameras (no I am not kidding) soon to share pictures of us with you all. I just have been low on money but have them all together to take soon to Walmart to develop. Okay guys I am off to read blogs, I hope you are all doing well. Love me.


Anonymous said...

Always glad to see your updates! 10 is such a great age.

Lisanne said...

Wow, 10 years old!!! I cannot believe that, Amanda! :) Got your letter ~ can't wait to reply!

bethanie said...

if you get him blogging - let us all know.

Mariel said...

You write very well.