Thursday, August 30, 2007


A blogging friend of mine Carol is having a contest for some awesome scrap booking stuff. So I thought I would play along too. :) I am really into scrap booking, making cards, and really anything to do with paper. I really love *altering* things especially tins, boxes, and making collages for pictures. This picture is where I do all of my crafting. I use to have an entire room for my craft stuff but in my little home now it is just two bedrooms. Maybe next year we will have three bedrooms again. I can only hope. I also have a shelf on the left side of my desk that has my paper, paint, and stamps on it. So I am happy to just go in my bedroom light some good smelling candles and just *be*. Now if I can talk Jeff in putting the stereo in there for me. Ha!

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Lisanne said...

That looks like *such* a cute craft area! I *love* the wall color ~ lavender? That white organizer on the right is cool, too. You do great crafty stuff! Hey ~ I still owe you a snail mail letter. Hopefully I can write that soon! :)