Monday, October 02, 2006

Fall is upon us!

Happy October everyone! I hope you are having a great Monday so far. I have been a busy chick and I have lots more in store also.

I have been participating in a few swaps with some friends. I just sent out my swap for the Red and Turqoise swap and I recieved mine last week. My partner sent the lovelies of items. Sure wished I had a digi She made me a lovely quilted handbag, sent red buttons, blue and red m&m minis, red and blue pencils, red wax lips (too funny!), lots of fabric scraps, and a bunch more. The next swap I am in is the Halloween Goodie swap . And I am excited about this, I believe it is more or less Halloween candy. And last but not least I am in a Purple and Orange swap. Lots of fun ideas running around in my head on this one. I love xpx because so many of them are crafty with paper and I LOVE paper.

I am thinking of making some Halloween cards but not sure if I will get time or not. We are starting up our Girl Scout Troop soon. And yours truly is a Co-Leader this year. Woop! So I am busy trying to do some planner pages, anyone know of a good site to build planner pages or has forms that I can customize that doesn't cost anything? Mucho Gracias to anyone who can help me.

This weekend was busy with going to my Grandmother's with my Mom and Amber. We had a good time despite my feelings about them and theirs toward us. Then Saturday night Amber's friend Freddie spent the night so his Aunt could work. And then on Sunday we went to Stevie B's for one of Freddie's friends party. It was pretty good fun. And yummy baked potato pizza. Yum.

This weekend we have a family reunion (I so we will be busy bees once again. Happy Monday everyone!


foodiechickie said...

Glad to hear you had a great weekend:)

Lisanne said...

Baked potato pizza? OK, you have to tell me more about that, Amanda! LOL! :) That sounds *so* good. Glad you had a nice weekend! Yay for swaps ~ I think they're fantastic!